About The Festival

Bristol Harbor isn’t just a jewel amongst the town’s residents.


Thousands of visiting boaters and travelers from around the East Coast delight in the harbor’s picturesque waterfronts while sampling the freshest seafood you can get at local restaurants a stone’s throw away from the docks and moorings.





The harbor is a gateway to exploring the port town of Bristol, RI that so many consider destination traveling for its vast history, bountiful boutique shops, and fine dining all with the churning waters of the harbor in sight.

The Harbor Festival started 3 years ago as a means for raising funds to continue a tradition of proud Southern New Englanders giving back to the very waters that give so much to them.

As a result of our generous sponsors, last year the committee was able to raise and donate over $3,000 to improving the recreation area at Rockwell Park. This year, we aspire to raise even more so that we may offer family activities at the new Maritime Center and Save The Bay scholarships for two local children.


Our biggest fundraiser and crowd favorite is our Little Neck Boil. You can read more about it and how to purchase tickets here.

If you wish to sign up for our annual home stuffie competition you can print out the application by clicking here.

If you simply want to make a donation you can contact the Harbormaster’s office here or see one of our friendly volunteers on the day!

We hope you’ll come down to Rockwell Park this August 12th for our 4th Annual Festival and celebrate the best that Bristol, RI and its’ harbor has to offer.