Featured Events

The Bristol Harbor Festival is guaranteed to bring fun and excitement for all who join us in Rockwell Park on August 12th. Besides spending a sunny day at our scenic harbor front, here’s a look at the many different events we have to offer.

Blessing Of The Fleet 

Thank you Father Zinno for blessing our fleet again this year!

To kick off our festivities at 2:00pm there will be a Blessing Of The Fleet. This is a centuries-old tradition originating in southern European, predominantly Catholic, fishing communities where a local priest blesses a long procession of ships and boats as they pass by the harbor. The blessing was not only meant to ensure a plentiful fishing season but a safe one for the men and women providing for the community.




Live Music 

You can’t have a party without music! And the festival is excited to provide a host of very talented local artists to entertain the masses.

Tyler and Ryan Falcoa unplugged.

Here’s the line up you have to look forward to. (Times are approximate).

Artist Line Up TBD






Stuffed Quahog Competitions

Pride is on the line in both our home chef and restaurant competitions!

If you’ve never had a stuffed quahog before you’re coming to the right place to sample dozens of personal recipes from local Bristolians who know a thing or two about this traditional delicacy.

Taste, creativity and consistency are key to preparing the popular shellfish meat in a bread stuffing mixture you won’t soon forget! At $1 a piece you won’t be able to sample just one!

  • The Home Chef Competition will commence at 3:00pm.
  • The Restaurant Competition will commence at 4:00pm.

Do you think your stuffie recipe is the best in town? Find out what the public and our esteemed judges have to say about your culinary expertise! The home chef competition is open to the first 25 applicants. Sign up for the home chef competition is $20. Sign up for the restaurant competition is $50.  We’ll even supply you with the quahogs!  Click here to print out the application and directions for signing up!

*Disclaimer: Be sure to double check for any food related allergies with staff before consumption!